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Coronavirus close all hotels in Spain

From today all Spanish hotels must remain close because of coronavirus

The Spanish government has ordered the closure of all tourist establishments from March 26th, 2020. This has been established in the Order SND/257/2020 which orders the closure of hotels, similar accommodation, tourist accommodation and other short-stay accommodation, campsites, caravan parks and other similar establishments throughout the Spanish state. Find HERE

How to detect illegalities in Mallorca?

Buying a house in Mallorca means entering a labyrinth of laws, regulations and abstract concepts that are situated on a small piece of land that separates legality from illegality. One mistake can make the difference between the house you’re buying being legal, legible or having to be demolished. I like

NIE Number in Mallorca

To buy a property in Mallorca (or elsewhere in Spain) you need to get a NIE number. In order to get it I need to hold your passport for 1 hour or get a Notarial Copy with the La Haye apostille of it. Who can order the NIE in Mallorca?

The process of buying a property in Mallorca.

Find here the necessary steps to buy your new property in Mallorca.Before reading on, let me tell you that I will be happy to help you in the process of buying your new property in Mallorca. I am part of a team specialising in foreign investment, transfer of properties, NIE

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