Property for sale in Mallorca.

Do not be mistaken; not all properties for sale in Mallorca have been checked and evaluated. For this very reason, I offer you the opportunity to have a free Lawyer’s Risk Report. Perhaps in your home country the properties that come on the market uphold certain requirements. In our system, illegal properties have been sold

Free Online Risk Report

The Free Online Risk Report details all of the essential checks before making the final decision to buy a property. If there is any risk in your potential purchase, it will be recounted. It’s worth noting that this complimentary service requires no additional commitment.  To get your Free Online Risk Report today, we ask that

Autorización para trabajadores que no deban acogerse al permiso del Real Decreto-ley 10/2020

Modelo de declaración responsable a emitir para los trabajadores por cuenta ajena que no deban acogerse al permiso retribuido recuperable recogidoen el Real Decreto-ley 10/2020 En caso que los trabajadores por cuenta ajena NO deban acogerse al permiso retribuido, bien porque sus actividades son esenciales según el El Real Decreto-ley 10/2020, de 29 de marzo,

Coronavirus close all hotels in Spain

From today all Spanish hotels must remain close because of coronavirus

The Spanish government has ordered the closure of all tourist establishments from March 26th, 2020. This has been established in the Order SND/257/2020 which orders the closure of hotels, similar accommodation, tourist accommodation and other short-stay accommodation, campsites, caravan parks and other similar establishments throughout the Spanish state. Find HERE the Order SND/257/2020 in english

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