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This section is dedicated to the process of buying property in Mallorca. It describes the steps you need to take to buy a property safely in Mallorca or anywhere else in Spain. However, it focuses mainly on the particularities of the Balearic Islands.
It also offers advice on how to make the purchase of a property in Mallorca safe by avoiding the most common problems.

In this section dedicated to the process of buying a property in Mallorca, those posts that do not refer to any of the other specific categories are archived.

It is basically dedicated to foreigners who want to buy a property in the Balearic Islands either for their personal use, first residence or as an investment. Advice is also provided for expatriates wishing to establish permanent residence in the Balearic Islands archipelago.
The process of buying a property in the Balearic Islands, Mallorca, Menorca Ibiza or Formentera, is not generally different from the process of buying in the rest of Spain.

However. It is very important to take into account the peculiarities of each region or autonomous community before signing any contract. It is therefore highly recommended that the person advising on the purchase is fully aware of the specific regulations of the area in which the property is located.

Here are the posts that give general advice to avoid making the biggest mistakes. Some tricks will also be filed in order to detect when the property has irregularities.

This section is an indispensable guide for the buyer of a property in the Balearic Islands

Buying Process

Buying a Property in Mallorca During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Property Buying in Mallorca during the coronavirus pandemic is not only possible, but is still consistently happening on the island. The market may have slowed down, but notaries are working and transactions are moving right along. This goes beyond domestic investment. Foreign investors know the COVID-19 crisis is a temporary ordeal and do not want[…]

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Buying Process

The Process of Buying a Property in Mallorca

Here, I have outlined the necessary steps for buying your new property in Mallorca. I would be delighted to further detail these steps and assist you in the home buying process in Mallorca. I, Toni Marqués, am a member of a legal team specialized in: foreign investments, property transfers, NIE number registry, tax advice, charge[…]

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