Demolition of illegal properties in Mallorca

New demolition of illegal properties in Mallorca

The Consell de Mallorca has executed the demolition of two illegal properties in Mallorca in which it detected illegal building works.
As can be read in the local press, it was the Environmental officers who detected that unlicensed building work was being carried out.
This is another sign that the persecution of illegal urbanism in Mallorca continues to advance as this week it has been reported that two houses of 140 square meters and another of 90 square meters have been demolished.

Demolition of illegal properties in Mallorca are hidden from buyers by sellers and intermediaries

Although sellers and brokers continue to advertise illegal properties or assure new owners that demolition of illegal properties in Mallorca is never ordered, the reality is very different. Only in 2020, The Land Defence Agency has already ordered the demolition of more than 100 illegal constructions in Mallorca.

Every day in Mallorca someone buys an illegal house without knowing it.

The fact that the property is advertised in a real estate agency or that the purchase is made in front of a public notary does not guarantee that the property complies with the town planning regulations.
To sell a property it is only necessary to have a cédula de habitabilidad (which does not prove legality) and an energy efficiency certificate (which does not prove legality). However, they are still irregular.
Also on other islands, such as Ibiza, similar events occur. The most notorious case was that of the footballer Leo Messi who bought in 2022 a mansion of 11 million euros that complied with the urbanistic legality.

I do not understand urban planning. How can you know if the property is legal?

You can hire a specialized lawyer, or you can ask for a report with the main points to check.

Don’t be tricked into buying a risky property. The authorities in Mallorca are increasing their efforts of prosecuting illegal builds. With this in mind, buying a house without the proper certifications will undoubtedly result in unforeseen consequences. I’m offering you the opportunity to test my expertise with a FREE RISK REPORT of your future property purchase.


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