Purchase Tax in Mallorca

Calculating property taxes in Mallorca, Spain

Taxes arising the purchase property in Mallorca

When buying a property in Spain you must pay a Transmission Tax or VAT. That’s why it’s strongly advised to calculate the anticipated taxes before making an offer, or even making the decision to buy a property, whether that’s here in Mallorca or any other part of Spain.

Purchasing a property also involves side costs such as, but not limited to: notary services, property registry, advisors, and more.


This is a complimentary service requiring no additional commitment.

I offer this service for two fundamental reasons. First of all, I simply want to provide a service to the buyer. Before making the decision to buy a property in Mallorca, it is essential to calculate the fees and additional costs related to this purchase. You may find that the total sum is approximately 10% of the purchase value.

Furthermore, it’s crucial to get advice that is independent of the seller and estate agent. Keep in mind that the estate agent is contracted by the seller and consequently works for said party. 

This service provides potential clients the opportunity to prove my expertise.

To calculate the costs and taxes involved in the purchase of a property in Mallorca, please enter your details below. You will receive the calculation within a few hours. 

For direct contact, you can also send an email to toni@palmalawyers.com or contact me through WhatsApp.

If your inquiry is not about taxes, but you need more information related to the purchase or selling of a property in Mallorca, feel free to use this form to contact me as well.

Again, this is a complimentary service requiring no additional commitment.

Feel free to send any additional information you find relevant. More information allows me to provide the most individualized advice, so do not hesitate to specify anything you consider to be important. I look forward to assisting you in your next property purchase.

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