legalisation on rural land

Conditions for legalisation unlicensed constructions on rural land in Balearic Islands

The Vice President and Minister of Economy of the Balearic Government Antoni Costa has confirmed that Government is preparing a decree that will allow the legalisation of unlicensed constructions on rural land.
The decree is about to be published and although its content is NOT KNOWN, some of the requirements have been announced in the media:
1.- The unlicensed constructions in rustic land that are prescribed can be legalised.
However, contrary to what is published in the press, not everything built more than 8 years ago will be legalised. In addition to having passed that period of time, during those years the administration must not have opened a file. On the other hand, in protected areas there is no statute of limitations / prescription (nor in common rustic since 1 January 2018).
2.- A fine equivalent to a % of the value of the work will have to be paid. The press says that it may be 15% of the value of the work, but this is not confirmed.
3.- Energy efficiency improvement measures will be required.
4.- There will be a maximum period of possibly 3 years to legalise.

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