Demolitions of illegal constructions

Two demolitions of illegal constructions are carried out every week in Mallorca.

Since 2017 the Mallorca Land Defence Agency has ordered two demolitions a week of illegal constructions in Mallorca.

As the local press reports, the figure is the average of the 465 demolitions carried out between 1 January 2017 and 30 June 2021.

The island is full of totally or partially illegal properties, mainly on rustic land. Often even the owners are unaware of the real situation.
Determining whether a construction is legal or not, cannot be done only with the data visible in the land registry, the title deed or other documents handed over at the time of purchase such as the cédula. Only a detailed analysis of the licenses and building permits can determine the legality.
Carrying out works without a licence is the action that carries the greatest risk. While it is true that the sanctioning power of the administration is not linked to a building site, it is true that the majority of infringements that end demolitions of illegal constructions in Mallorca are detected while construction work is being carried out.

Detecting illegalities is not easy, but there are some signs that can make us suspicious.

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