Property for sale in Mallorca.

Do not be mistaken; not all properties for sale in Mallorca have been checked and evaluated. For this very reason, I offer you the opportunity to have a free Lawyer’s Risk Report.

Perhaps in your home country the properties that come on the market uphold certain requirements. In our system, illegal properties have been sold in front of Public Notaries. These are properties with charges, third party rights, and even urban planning files that still get sold, regardless of their legality. Brokers are nonexistent and the real estate agents aren’t held responsible for, nor do they guarantee, the quality of the properties they sell. The seller is expected to accurately report the integrity of the property but, in actuality, they may not know it’s true condition.


What is the Free Lawyer’s Risk Report?

This report provides an analysis of the property location and construction based on clear data. This evaluation then reveals a risk level on a scale from 1 to 10. From there, the buyer can then decide if it’s necessary to further inspect the property.

Why is it free?

At our firm, honesty is one of our greatest virtues. Our hopes are that this quality is reflected in our reports and will consequently attract new customers.

Our report is the best way to demonstrate the need for an adviser that is independent of the seller or agent. We know that choosing an adviser is not easy. For this reason, we offer a tool that establishes our expertise without any initial commitment.

This is mutually beneficial. You get a useful report brimming with essential information, which allows us the opportunity to introduce our firm and unmatched competence.

Is it risky to buy property for sale in Mallorca?

Quite simply, no. Buying in Mallorca will always be a sound investment. The island is one of the few remaining paradises left in Europe. Mallorca remains superbly preserved, protected, and safe.
From an economic standpoint, property values here always grow. Even during crises, if the property market in Mallorca has receded, it will later jump forward in growth.
Selling a property in Mallorca guarantees a secured value.
However, a major risk is posed when buying a property without a professional, more importantly, a professional who has no affiliation with the seller.

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