Coronavirus close all hotels in Spain

From today all Spanish hotels must remain close because of coronavirus

Coronavirus close all hotels in Spain

The Spanish government has ordered the closure of all tourist establishments from March 26th, 2020.
This has been established in the Order SND/257/2020 which orders the closure of hotels, similar accommodation, tourist accommodation and other short-stay accommodation, campsites, caravan parks and other similar establishments throughout the Spanish state.

Find HERE the Order SND/257/2020 in english


Within seven calendar days of the entry into force of the regulation. That is, before 27th March 2020

How long?

Until the end of the declaration of the State of Alarm or its extensions.

Are there any exceptions?

Yes, long-stay and seasonal tourist accommodation establishments that meet the following characteristics:
-At the time of the declaration of the state of alarm, have guests staying on a stable and seasonal basis
-That these guests have the infrastructure, in their own living spaces, to be able to carry out the activities of first necessity.
-New clients cannot be admitted until the alarm condition is over.

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